So never mind that I haven’t posted anything substantial in years-let’s just pick up and run with it. I’ve been looking for an excuse to paint up some 28mm Crusader Greeks for YEARS. Well, now’s the the time. Warlord Games just released some fast-play ancient skirmish rules, and while they are a bit creaky in places, it’s got me excited.

So I’m basing 8 archers and and 8 hoplites at the moment. I’ve got 9 cavalry, 8 more hoplites plus command, and 8 peltasts coming in this week. Painting is super basic and I’m using the dip with some success. I’ll be posting updates!

This was a test model I painted years ago with a fair amount of highlights and recently dipped.
This guy just got a base coat and then dipped. Not amazing, but satisfying enough to field in a skirmish game.

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