Prepping Your Miniatures

You’ve got everything you need, now it’s time to get those figs painted up!

Prepping the Figures

The first thing we need to do is clean the figures free of “flash”. Flash is the paper thin bits of metal that are found along the contours of you figures, they are also called “mold-lines”. These lines are produced in the casting process and are not considered a defect, so don’t worry! Some people remove these with x-acto blades (with thick flash it may be necessary to hack at it a bit with a blade), but most well cast figures can be cleaned up using your jewelers file.

Take your figure and find the mold-lines. Now take your file and gently file away the flash. *WARNING* Do this very gently because you may destroy details, especially on the hands and face! If you are having trouble finding any mold-lines, use a very thin wash of black paint on the figure and let it dry completely, you should be able to spot the lines after that.

Now that you have the hang of it, go ahead and clean some more up; try to have 8 total finished. Don’t forget to file the bottom of the figure also, this makes them easier to mount on craft sticks later (test them by seeing if they will stand on their own after cleaning them). Last, be sure to clean up well and wash your hands free of any fine lead dust.

Mounting for Painting

Now we need to mount the figures on something to make painting several at a time somewhat manageable.

Grab one of your craft sticks and some craft glue. Glue about 6-8 small blobs down about 10-12mm apart. Once that’s done place each figure on a blob (no more than 8 on one stick). Using craft glue, the drying time should take about an hour. While that dries why not clean up and mount some more figures? I try to clean up figures that are different than the ones I just finished so I don’t get bored!

Next up, priming and base coats.

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