I/48. Thracian

This army has fought hard to defend its homeland. Under King Sitalkes they repelled Alexander the Great’s incursion into Thracian territory causing heavy losses and disorder. However, the Thracians were crushed in a battle with invading Romans when the army was mired in a difficult river crossing. Further incursions by the Romans were put to a stop in more favorable terrain, although with heavy losses. The army is currently at work building up forts and mountain fortresses to reinforce their borders.

The army is all Tumbling Dice figures. These Thracians are a little unique because they are the later Hellenized Thracians, which makes them an ideal match up with my Marians. The camp is scratch built.

The Army Arrayed

The General and his Companions

The Light Horse

The Peltasts


Thracians fighting Romans.



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