II/3. Classical Indian

This is my DBA II/3. Classical Indian army. It is composed entirely of Mike’s Models 15mm figs on Rennaissance Ink bases. This army was speed-painted by me during a weeks worth of lunch breaks, so it’s not exactly representative of my painting skills. Much of these figures were given ink washes to speed up my painting time.

This army represents the army of the Indian King Porus, who made a stand against Alexander the Great at the Battle of the Hydaspes River in India. Although he was defeated in battle, Porus caused a great many casualties, and so impressed Alexander that he was treated with dignity and given much more land to rule than he had previously possessed.

The army arrayed under the great Indian general Porus.

The Elephantry

The Heavy Chariots

Indian Cavalry

Bow (armored and unarmored)

The Heavy Foot


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  1. V. rodriguez says:

    This is what I am looking for! It’s beautiful. Can you paint a comparable classical Indian army in time for Christmas 2015?

    1. Thank you; unfortunately, I’m not doing commissions anymore. 😦

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