These are my Koryo Dynasty Koreans.  These are all old Mike’s Models figs (except the artillery, which is Museum Miniatures), for once, not supplied by Paul Hannah!  This is one of my lunch-time projects, so the painting is simple and clean with a limited palette.  To offset the monotone look of the army, I used a more dramatic look for the bases.  Inspiration was provided by Tony Aguilar’s Koguryo Koreans.  The tower is a tad over-sized for a DBA camp, but can be used as a BUA.  The tower was purchased at a pet store.  I used a combination of Games Workshop paints and Renaissance Ink. inks.

The Army Arrayed (Artillery not pictured).

Light Horse


Close-Up of Cav.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s one BIG trebuchet!

  2. Tony Aguilar says:

    Good job Mike! It is nice to see some Far East armies whenever you can. Make sure you use the rock-lobber to keep your spearmen away from Hefelumps!

  3. Edward says:

    You Rock!

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