IV/7. Early Crusader

My Early Crusader army, composed entirely of Essex figs. The camp is scratch built. Essex put alot of later style figs in the army, which was disappointing. But on the plus side I can make an argument for the later, lower aggression, and they will morph easily into Later Crusaders. I managed to trade away some of the very late looking knights for more appropriate ones. I did not paint up the blades yet, since I will only ever use them in scenarios.

The Army Arrayed

Crusader Spear 5x4Sp. Shields are hand painted.

The Knights 4x3Kn.

1x3Bw & 1x3Cb


1x5Wb.  Skulking in the woods…

The General’s Element

Garrisoned Camp

BUA in progress.



  1. Mike Demana says:

    What do you use for your lances? I can tell those aren’t the classic Essex spaghetti strand lead ones…
    Mike Demana

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Mike! Those are indeed the lances that were cast onto the figs.

  3. Bob Mcleish says:

    Beautifully painted miniatures – the shields look fantastic. Do you use micorn pens to draw the design on initially..?


  4. Mike says:

    Thanks Bob!

    I freehand the designs completely-no pens. I use a #2 Windsor & Newton sable-hair brush that I have had for about 9 years. What a wonderful tool. 🙂

    I’ll try and post some close ups of the shields soon.

  5. Wayne Hansen says:

    Great pictures. What manufacturer did you use for your Sea Peoples?

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