II/5. Later Hoplite Greek


This army was built as an enemy for my Alexandrian Macedonian army, specifically to represent the army of King Agis III, who was defeated by Alexander’s regent Antipatros at Megalopolis in 331 BC. The figures are all vintage Mike’s Models. Citadel paints and LBM shield transfers were used, except on the Spartan shields, which were hand painted.  Below are pictures of the pertinent elements. Psiloi, Aux, and Cav. can be seen in the Macedonian gallery.

The army arrayed for battle.


The Spartiates.


new studio 006



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Philistine Jim says:

    OH Yah! Nice stuff!

    Go Mikes Models!


  2. Karl Gaarsoe says:

    AARGH. Mine don’t look that good. Maybe I should just crawl under a rock, proof it really is the artist (painter) that makes these figures come to life.

    Go Halfling (Or at least Dwarven) Spartiates!

  3. Mike Porter says:

    Thanks Karl, I feel the same way about the Andalusian figs Neldoreth has been showcasing on Fanaticus. Glorious paint jobs, but hey, I just keep plugging away the best I can. 😉

  4. MrF says:

    Very nice Mike, well done!

    Have they took the field yet against the Macedonians? If so how did they do?


  5. Mike Porter says:

    MrF. No, they have not taken the field yet.

    I do have an EHG Spartan army I bought on Ebay that my buddy used against my Successor army that absolutely trounced me with some brilliant maneuvering.

  6. Duane Blocker says:

    I’m interested in the Later Hoplite Greek army. What is the price?

    Duane Blocker

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